Sunday, March 22, 2009


On Saturday March 21st, Cousin Clae and I drove to Aptos just beyond Santa Cruz to celebrate our first cousin Jim Wylie’s 80th birthday. The actual day was St. Patrick’s Day last Tuesday, but he wanted a party on the weekend.  Jim is the oldest living first cousin on my Dad’s side, and I’m the youngest. He’s almost exactly twenty years and one month older than I. He looks great! So I guess there’s hope for me.  Of course, Jim’s positive attitude accounts for much of his appearance. 

It drizzled on the way, but was pretty nice while we were there. Dear Rose and Prince Rupert came along for the ride and stayed in the car during the party. About eighty guests attended the catered event at a lodge in the Aptos village park.

Jim’s daughter Robin asked me to wear one of my kilts. (I have four: my Dad’s Gunn tartan, the Bell family tartan given to me by Dennis, and two versions of the Graham tartan, that had been Dennis’.) I ended up wearing the Gunn tartan. At least three others wore the Gunn, which looks a little like Black Watch – with a touch of red. Altogether there were about ten guests in kilts. Jim didn’t wear a kilt, but he did wear a Gunn tartan tie and a Woolrich railroad vest. Jim and his family are going to Scotland for a Gunn Clan Reunion later this summer. (check out my post on 11/30/2008.) 

The party was loads of fun. The drive back over Route 17 in the rain, however, was treacherous.  I was extremely grateful to make it home without incident. 

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