Friday, February 28, 2014


On our last day in Venezia– 28 February 2006 – Dennis bought four more paintings of Venice from Picchio Sanangelo, as well as a painted blackamoor from the same woodcarver we had purchased a simple gold Venetian mask in 1987.

While he was negotiating with Picchio, I was approached by an enterprising scout for a glass factory in Murano. We were offered a free ride in one of those handsome mahogany water taxis. I wanted to accept. I figured we could see the factory, hear as much of the spiel as we wanted, then leave on a vaporetto with our VeniceCards. Dennis exploded: “There is no free lunch!!!” I laughed and took a photo.

Then I had Dennis pose again with his pointed, jabbing finger. I included it on one of the two collages I put together for the reception at the Bohemian Club after his funeral. It’s now on the shelf in the closet of my bedroom…. and I look at it almost every day.

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Titian in the Frari (Venezia)