Sunday, September 7, 2008

D'ARTAGNAN (excerpt from my poem REVERBERATIONS: a Gay Lament)

Your features need no vain disguise

to complement the beauty of their form: 

a perfect nose enhancing piercing eyes, 

a noble brow and mouth with molded chin 

all framed in brown from lion crowns 

with shaggy manes and princely ways. 


Why add the growth above your mouth… 

that curious sprout beneath your lips? 

In truth they render precieux airs 

-- superfluous to purest form-- 

and more disposed to foppish counts 

from courts of Louis Treize ou Quatorze.


            Yet even now

                        you are diminished

                        not a hairbreadth's distance

                        from your fairest self,

                                                my D'Artagnan.


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