Monday, September 29, 2008



I'm in the net again. 

Old behavioral patterns reemerge from buried depths

like hollow airtight buoys vainly shoved beneath: 


fills a world devoid of cosmic purpose… 

fits a life estranged from common bonds; 


inflates my masochistic ego…

conflagrates my mental sores.  

* * * * *                                  

But why encourage death's dark forest 

when time's abyss shall gain the final victory 

in its own time? 

Despite feeble grumblings and desperate fears 

the end is certain….yes. 

Yet I deceive myself 

in thinking I will have won                                   

by choosing the time and circumstances of my end. 

Not victory……………………….capitulation. 

And although oblivion might seem preferable to the pain, 

why not experience what is?

--whatever it may be--

the pain at least is memorable.

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