Thursday, October 3, 2013


Four years ago I spent three nights at the convent Santa Giuliana Falconieri just a half block from Piazza Navona, one of my favorite places in Rome. This was probably my fifth time at this convent. The accommodations are rather Spartan, but the location is unbeatable... and a decent breakfast is included. The convent is just across the street from San Andrea, featured in the first act of Tosca. Dennis and I loved spending time in Piazza Navona. So did Debbie and Alison six years ago. Julie and Tom liked it too.

Dennis gave me a painting of the same view in the picture above. We commissioned the painter Alberto Tropea to paint a portrait of our late Blenheim Cavalier, India Pudding. I also have several others of his Roman and Venetian landscapes.

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Titian in the Frari (Venezia)