Saturday, September 6, 2014


My sister Julie Bell married her husband Tom Martin forty-five years ago today! I remember the wedding well. Cynthia played her violin. I sang. Dad, of course, conducted the ceremony. The reception was in the fellowship hall in my Dad's Church, Grace United Methodist, in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

After the reception I took a flight to Boston to join my Yale singing group, the Spizzwinks(?), on retreat in Falmouth, Mass on Cape Cod. I was the new pitch pipe (director) and had missed the beginning of our music-rehearsal-retreat to be at the wedding.

It was at the retreat that I introduced two of my best arrangements: "Somewhere" and "I Will Wait For You." (See my earlier posts on April 10 and 11, 2009 after the 'Wink Reunion.) Earlier that summer I had led the group on its first tour to California. That's probably a major reason I ended up in San Francisco. Otherwise, I would have moved to NYC and would, no doubt, still be there-- since I STILL live in the same flat I moved into in 1973!


The photo above shows Julie, Allison & Tom around the time of Tom & Julie's 10th wedding anniversary.

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