Thursday, September 4, 2014

Romulus Augustus, Last Emperor of the Western Roman Empire, is deposed ~ September 4, 476 CE (Common Era)

Romulus Augustus (fl. 461/463 – 476 CE), known as Romulus Augustulus (Little Augustus), was the last Western Roman Emperor reigning from October 31, 475 until his deposition on September 4, 476 CE. His deposition is used to mark the end of the Western Roman Empire, the fall of ancient Rome, and the beginning of the Middle Ages in Western Europe.

The historical record contains few details of Romulus' life. He was installed as emperor by his father Flavius Orestes, the Magister militum (master of soldiers) of the Roman army. Orestes had deposed the previous emperor Julius Nepos. Romulus, little more than a child, acted as a figurehead for his father's rule. Reigning only ten months, Romulus was then deposed by the Germanic chieftain Odoacer and sent to live in the Castellum Lucullanum in Campania; afterwards he disappears from the historical record.

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Today is the sixth anniversary of POTPOURRI. I must admit I started writing it for rather convoluted reasons. Somebody I used to know and care about chose not to communicate with me. RM^3 is a feisty, complex, creative, computer-savvy guy, and it was his example that influenced me to start this blog. I thought this might be a way to communicate with him. It hasn’t worked. But at least I’ve followed through on something I think is worthwhile. He may not think I have anything interesting to say; but several other people do, including my therapist.

RM^3's influence also persuaded me to go back to the gym on a regular basis and to complete a poetic trilogy. He never responded, but I think it's pretty good -- though I may have to wait until retirement to publish it or post it online -- so I don't lose my security clearance (just kidding.)


jutka said...

Congratulations, Rob!
POTPOURRI is very interesting and most enjoyable.

John Guilford said...

I enjoy reading your blog regularly, Rob. Congratulations on sticking with it. We definitely benefit from your great writing and historical wisdom.

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