Monday, December 8, 2008


Monday and Tuesday I'll be singing at Christmas Lunches with my jazz vocal quintet FULL HOUSE. We originally had two Jacks and three Aces (if you're kind). We've been singing for about eighteen years, though we've been fairly inactive for the past five. Jack Rogers, our founder and principal arranger, retired and moved away from the area. He's the short guy in the photo from a few years back. I'm on the far left with the mic in my face, then Gene, T. Jack, Jack and Alex. 

Jack has been replaced with John Kelley, so I guess we still have two Jacks. I'll show a picture of John Kelley another time. * He's a substantial guy in more ways than one. All five of us are busy with other musical commitments, but it's fun to get together once in a while and revive our quintet. We're really pretty good -- particularly our blend and intonation. That's very important to me. And Jack's arrangements are fabulous!

*  I just remembered that it's John Kelley's birthday today.

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