Sunday, December 21, 2008

Not Yet Out of the Woods


My joy at Rose's release from the hospital the other day may have been premature. Rose still had no interest in eating. I tried baby food and she took a few licks, but not enough to sustain her. So I took her back to the SPCA yesterday morning. 

Just before the Chanticleer concert last night, I received a buzz on my cell phone with a message from the vet, who asked me to call her back this morning. I already have, and am now waiting for her return call after her morning rounds. It seems that the new untrasound and xrays showed some blockage in Rose's stomach, and surgery may be an option. 

I forwarded the sad picture above to my friend Szilard on holiday in Budapest. Soon I got a response with his great concern. Isn't modern communication amazing? Now to hear from the vet a few blocks away.


The vet recommends barium treatment, and then possibly exploratory surgery. I'll know more later in the day. Rose has friends all over the States and in Hungary keeping her in their thoughts.

Titian in the Frari (Venezia)