Wednesday, December 31, 2008

GOODBYE 2008 and WELCOME 2009!


Tonight my friend Adam K and I will have an early dinner at Garcon, one of our favorite French restaurants in my neighborhood. We probably won't see midnight, but no doubt I'll be awakened by the fireworks, or more likely fire crackers.

What a year it's been... with the meltdown of the stock market, collapse of housing and mortgages... general economic uncertainty. It makes me grateful to have a government job! And who, one year ago, would have predicted the election of Barack Obama? At least now there's a chance for intelligent and creative approaches to the myriad problems we face both here at home and around the world. To quote Lynn Cheney (of all people): "The adults are in charge again!" Onward to the inauguration!

So my best wishes for a healthy, prosperous, invigorating, creative and peaceful 2009!

We three R's: Rupert, Rose and Rob

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